Shikon Intensive Repair & Renewal
Sensitive Skin Care Series From Japan
Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Imperfection, Anti-Blemish
All Natural Solution to Sensitive Skin from Japan
Shikon Anti-Allergic Sensitive Skin Repairing Essence
Promotes cell regeneration, Reduces pigmentation, Prevents spots & freckles
40 ml
Shikon Anti-Imperfection Sensitive Skin Soothing & Hydrating Mask
Relieves dryness, redness & dullness, Restores moisture & radiance
5 pc
Shikon Anti-Blemish Sensitive Skin Regenerating Serum
Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-blemish, Anti-acne
50 g
Shikon Anti-Blemish Sensitive Skin Regenerating Gel
Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-blemish, Anti-acne
120 ml
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Shikon Intensive Repair & Renewal
Sensitive Skin Care Series
from Japan

Japan's ultra-popular new product,
Shikon (purple root), is a purple plant
grass root originally used in Chinese
medicine. With no artificial coloring and
fragrance, the purple color of the product
is derived from the natural ingredient
Lithospermum root extract.  

The purple root plant has an unique,
anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect,
which is especially suitable for sensitive
and acne-prone skin.  Shikon increases
the skin’s rate of metabolism and cell
regeneration, improves the skin’s
elasticity and retains the skin's moisture.

Shikon’s main benefits:

  • Promote cell regeneration
  • Increase metabolism of melanin to
    reduce pigmentation, freckles, spots
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic,
  • Relieve dry skin, redness, dullness,
    peeling and other damages caused
    by exposure to sun, harsh weather
    and environment
  • Help retain moisture to skin
  • Increase skin’s elasticity to keep
    skin supple and radiant
  • Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging effects
    result in smooth and youthful skin
  • Anti-blemish, anti-acne effects
    result in clearer skin

Shikon’s origin:

Known as the Edo purple, Shikon has
been used to treat skin diseases, burns
and scarring since ancient times.  The
lithospermum purple grass root extract
inhibits microbial growth, reduces pain
and bleeding, and has anti-inflammatory,
anti-allergic and antibacterial effects.  
The purple grass root is the main
ingredient in the topical cream Ziyun, or
“Shiunko” ointment, which has been
used in Asia to cure burns, frostbites,
moles, hemorrhoids and damaged skin.  
In recent years, lithospermum root has
been used in a lot of cosmetics and skin
care products.

Shikon’s ingredients:

Lithospermum purple grass root
promotes cell regeneration and speeds
up skin’s metabolism to reduce
pigmentation, prevent freckles and spots,
restore skin’s radiance and youth, inhibit
acnes and blemishes, prevent rough, dry
and itchy skin, and turn problem skin
back into normal, healthy skin.

Mulberry root extract can inhibit the
melanin pigmentation that resulted from
exposure to UV rays and prevent
freckles, dark spots and blemishes.
Mulberry bark also has water-retaining
capacity, which allows moisture to be
locked into the skin.

Scutellaria root extract has anti-
inflammatory, anti-allergic, antibacterial
and astringent characteristics.

Allantoin is a skin-friendly moisturizing
ingredient with anti-allergy function.
Allantoin has a calming effect on
damaged skin and is often used on dry,
rough skin due to sun exposure, extreme
hot or cold climates, and harsh
environments.  It relieves dry skin,
redness, dullness, peeling and other
damage to the skin.
1. After face cleansing, lightly saturate a cotton pad with Toner and gently wipe entire face.
2. Apply Essence all over face & lightly massage with circular motion.
3. Use Mask 1~2 times a week after Toner &  Essence & leave on for 15~20 minutes.
4. Follow by applying a light layer of Serum or Gel to complete your full skin care regimen.
Shikon Anti-Inflammatory Sensitive Skin Balancing Toner
Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Allergic, Anti-bacterial
120 ml